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FREE, Easy Summer Market Lanyard Crochet Pattern with Full Video Tutorial

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Hi, crochet friend! Thanks for being here, and for checking out my free crochet lanyard pattern tutorial! Yay!

The Summer Market Lanyard crochet pattern...

  • is BEGINNER friendly

  • has a full project VIDEO TUTORIAL companion (continue to scroll for video)

  • takes 20 MINUTES or less once you are familiar with the pattern

  • has a HIGH PROFIT MARGIN if you are looking to expand your inventory

  • makes a thoughtful (fast) GIFT

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The Summer Market Lanyard is a stylish, modern, fun way to carry your keys in style! Pair it with an ID badge holder, and you can easily tote around your ID and bank cards bag-free!

This lanyard is a great inventory item to sell at craft markets/craft fairs or online. Quick make

= high profit margins! It is also the perfect crochet gift for moms, teachers, college students, high school students, healthcare workers, lifeguards, and more! It's a great gift for birthdays, Teacher Appreciation Week, Mother's Day, graduations, end of school year, and beyond.

This pattern also allows for creativity and personalization with beading! The pattern calls for 4x beads, but it is easy to use more or less depending on your preference, as well as different types of beads. How cute would it be with letter beads for a monogram? Adorable!

BONUS TIP: This lanyard can also double as a necklace when the clasp is flipped up and hidden! Cute!


This is the free, ad-filled version of the pattern. If you like what you see here, I encourage you to check out the ad-free, downloadable PDF version of the pattern listed on my Etsy for only $1.99!

The PDF version has additional instructional photos, a beautiful design, and is printer friendly...a nice addition to any pattern collection!

Buying this pattern supports me directly, and helps me to continue releasing more patterns!

*sneak peek* ----------------------------------->

Now, let's get to it!


*** Click below to shop my affiliate links! I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you ***

Ready to watch the video tutorial? AWESOME! Want the written version? Keep scrolling!




The Summer Market Lanyard works up easily for beginner crocheters. That said, the trickiest part of the pattern is right at the beginning...creating a magic ring with a bead in the middle! Knot to fret! (Pun.) Here are some steps for getting started.

STEP 1: Thread one bead onto your cord.

STEP 2: With the end of your cord facing you and your palm facing up, wrap the cord around your pointer and middle fingers twice to form an X shape (Photo A). The bead should be on the non-X side of your ring.

STEP 3: Flip your hand over and make sure the bead is on top of your fingers. Place your 9mm hook under the first loop to grab the second loop (Photo B).

STEP 4: Pull that second loop under the first, twisting the loop up and toward you as you go. Remove from your fingers. (Photo C) Your bead should be within the ring, not on the tail. STEP 5: Ch 1. (This chain does NOT count as a stitch in ROW 1.)


Using a 9mm hook:

ROW 1:

SC 6 into the magic ring and tighten the ring by pulling your tail. The bead should be sandwiched between the 1st and 6th SC when the ring is tightened. You will have 6 SCs total. Ch 1, TURN.

ROW 2:

St. 1: INC (An INC is 2x SCs in one stitch.)

St. 2: INC

*In Stitches 3 and 4, you will attach your D ring lobster clasp.*

St. 3: Work 1 SC, then remove hook and replace with 6mm hook. Holding the clasp on the back of the piece, insert your hook into St. 3 again to start a second SC.

Insert your hook into St. 3, through the clasp, and then finish the SC around the clasp.

Continue, inserting the hook through the clasp (Photo to right) and then finish the SC around the clasp (YO, pull through St., YO, pull through two loops on hook).

St. 4: Work 1 additional SC through the clasp with 6mm hook. Clasp will now be fully secured by two SC. Remove hook, replace with 9mm hook, 1 SC.

St. 5: INC

St. 6: INC

You should have 12 stitches at the end of ROW 2.

ROW 3: TURN *Ch 2, Slip Stitch* repeat in each stitch across, beginning with your first stitch, and STOPPING before the final slip stitch.

Final Slip Stitch: For the final slip stitch, insert the hook from back to front, YO, and finish slip stitch. (This will ensure that your chain strap will be facing the correct direction). TURN. You should have 12 chain "sunrays" at the end of this row.


Using a 6mm hook:

Ch 5

Add Bead *see next section for beading instructions*

Ch 3

Add Bead

Ch 3

Add Bead

Chain 60 until the chain is approx. 30 inches long (or to your desired length).

Slip stitch the strap to the body, inserting hook from the front into the 1st chain space

Attaching the strap to the body: Making sure the strap isn't twisted, slip stitch the strap to the main body of the lanyard, inserting hook from the front into the 1st chain space (Photo to right).

Cut your yarn leaving a 4 inch tail, and tuck the tail through the lanyard so that it is coming out the back side.


After you have finished the first 5 chains of your strap, you will add your first strap bead. Here is how to do so.

STEP 1: After you have finished Ch 5, remove your hook. To add the bead to the strap, use a smaller hook that easily fits through the hole of your bead. I used a 4.0mm hook.

STEP 2: Slide your bead on your smaller hook (Photo below).

STEP 3: Grab your loop with the hook and pull the cord through the bead's hole (Photo below). Pull enough cord through the hole so that your 6mm hook will fit through the new loop (Photo below).


STEP 5: Continue to chain and add beads, following the strap pattern above (or just follow your heart, ya know?)!

*** Instructions for finishing strap and attaching it to the main body are in the previous section.


STEP 1: Pull the tail end of your magic ring up through the closest strap to the back side of the lanyard strap. Now both of your tails will be on the back side. Do NOT fully weave in this tail yet.


STEP 2: Cut an 18 inch piece of cord.

STEP 3: Make a loop and hold it over the area where the strap meets the body of the lanyard. The ends of the looped cord should be pointing up the neck strap (Photo below).

STEP 4: Holding the loop in place, tightly wrap the 18" cord around the strap, your strap tail, and your loop in a downward direction. Leave a bit of your loop's cord tail exposed at the top of the wrap, along with your strap tail. Wrap 5-6 times around (Photo below).

STEP 5: Holding your wrap tightly in place, thread the end of the cut cord down through the loop.

STEP 6: Grasp the exposed cord tail at the top of your wrap and firmly pull up. This will close the loop at the bottom of your wrap, pulling the other cord tail and the loop up and under your wrap (Photo below). You may need to slightly adjust your wrap to cover the knot underneath it.

STEP 7: Cut the cord ends as close as you can to the wrap. Repeat on the other strap.

TA DA! You did it! Clip your keys on your shiny new lanyard and hit the town!

Make sure to share your lanyard on Instagram with the hashtags #summermarketlanyard and #mysummerdaycrochet!


DO - Sell your lanyards, crediting Summer Day Crochet when selling online!

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DON'T - Share this pattern, or use my photos on listings!

I hope you've enjoyed this pattern! If so, consider buying the ad-free, downloadable PDF version of the pattern listed on my Etsy for only $1.99!

Feel free to email with any pattern questions or inquiries!

Xo MacKenzie

Summer Day Crochet

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