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Maker Spotlight: Retro Kitchen Crochet Patterns by The Leftie Crochet Co.

The Leftie Crochet Co.'s new Retro Checker Cloth and Towel crochet patterns are a fun, vintage-inspired addition to your kitchen! The first two installments of TLCC's unique checkered series, these patterns make amazing gifts or market sets!

Let's meet the maker behind The Leftie Crochet Co. - Melissa!

MacKenzie: Hi, Melissa! Please tell our readers a bit about yourself and how your crochet business got started!

Melissa: Hey, I'm Melissa! I started crocheting as a teen at a church camp! We crocheted shoes for kids in need. I loved it so much that I asked if I could take a hook and yarn home with me. I've loved crocheting for the past 15 years. I am an RN turned stay-at-home mom. In Fall 2021 I followed my SIL's example and started an Instagram for my crochet. I instantly fell in love with the crochet community. They encouraged me to follow my dream of starting my crochet business/opening an Etsy shop!

My Etsy opened May 2022 and has been an absolute blast for me. I have also done over a dozen pattern tests for quite a few designers. It wasn't until Spring 2023 that I tried my hand at pattern designing. It was more challenging, but also more rewarding than I thought it would be. I love it! There's nothing like seeing makers love your designs and make them!

I've since released four crochet patterns, with LOTS of ideas for more in the future!

My crochet business niche is trendy crochet patterns for crocheters. Read: CHECKERS. All about the checkers!

MacK: Fun fact! I was a pattern tester for Melissa's first pattern - her Boho Easter Basket and Eggs! It was my first test ever, and Melissa gave me a shot even though I'm pretty sure I only had 50 followers at the time, and very little IG "street cred." Ha! I am so grateful to you for that! Tell us about this new pattern set!

M: My Retro Checker Cloth pattern is the 2nd pattern I designed, followed closely by the Checker Towel. I came up with the idea when I was thinking about ways to use up all my cotton yarn. I knew I wanted to design a dish cloth pattern because I LOVE crocheted dishcloths. I had been looking for cute swimsuits and there was this checker one that kept catching my eye and I thought, Hey, I could try to crochet a checker cloth! I worked on the design for about two months during nap times and evenings before it was ready to go. I am absolutely obsessed with it. It's such a cute, trendy, fun, quick make with endless color combos, "retro rainbow" being a favorite - got the idea from one of my testers (@serostitched).

MacK: What should someone know about these patterns before getting started?

M: They are super great stash busters at an advanced beginner skill level. The Checker Cloth takes me only 1 hour to crochet, and uses 60 yards of cotton yarn total.

MacK: Any tips or tricks you would like to share with any makers who are interested in making your patterns?

M: Color changing and carrying yarn is easier than you might think! You'll get a lot of practice doing it with the checker cloth. Super easy, super fun!

MacK: Are there any new patterns in the pipeline from the The Leftie Crochet Co.?

M: ALLLLLL the checker designs!! A checker pumpkin pattern for fall is up next - available now!

MacK: THE PUMPKIN!!! <3 I am such a huge fan of your aesthetic! Tell our readers where they can find you and your patterns!

M: You can find me on Instagram @theleftiecrochetco! I'm also on Pinterest, Threads, and YouTube. My Retro Checker Towel pattern is $6 in my Etsy! You can also get my Retro Checker Towel and Cloth patterns bundled for $10! Thanks for reading!

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