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Maker Spotlight: A Sweet Playtime Crochet Pattern by Brandon & Rae

Brandon & Rae's Make Your Own Ice Cream Cone crochet pattern hit the market last Friday, and is a delightful summer treat for the maker community! These fun, interactive ice cream cones allow for endless flavor combinations, and are a delicious addition to your child's playroom!

Let's meet the maker behind Brandon & Rae - Kyra!

MacKenzie: Tell us a little about yourself, Kyra!

Kyra: I live in New Hampshire with my loving husband and two toddlers. I worked in banking for 10 years before becoming a stay-at-home mom and pursuing my dream of publishing a children’s book. After publishing my children’s book, Gram’s Short Bus, I found myself needing an everyday creative outlet that was just for me. Cue crochet!

M: A children's book?! Wow! A woman of many talents! Had you crocheted previously?

K: I had crocheted a tiny bit as a teen with my mom and never really got into it. I decided to give it a try about six months ago and haven’t looked back! Crochet fulfills my creative side and I also find it quite therapeutic. I started writing patterns when I had an idea to create something for my kids and couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. I see myself sticking to the interactive toy arena as far as pattern writing, but I love crocheting everything from snugglers to home décor!

Fun Fact: I found out after I started crocheting that not only did my Grandmother & Dad crochet together, but my Grandfather (mom’s dad) and his Mom (my great-grandma) also used to crochet together! Apparently, it’s a family thing!

M: How would you describe your crochet aesthetic?

K: Cozy, warm, and playful!

M: Well your ice cream pattern is certainly playful! Tell us about it! What inspired you?

K: Well, for starters…I love ice cream! The idea came from playing “Ice Cream Truck” with my kids and looking for an interactive ice cream toy that my 2-year-old daughter couldn’t use as a weapon since she’s officially started the hitting phase. I love the endless flavor combinations and the way it encourages imaginative play in kids. The action of placing the scoops onto the cone also helps develop hand-eye coordination in littles.

M: What materials do makers need?

K: You need blanket yarn (my favorites are Bernat Blanket & Premier Chenille Basix), poly-fill, and a wooden dowel. Simply pick your favorite flavors (colors) and create away!

M: Is this pattern beginner friendly?

K: It’s a super simple pattern geared toward beginner crocheters. This is a pattern you can make in less than an hour…I can usually get one done in about 30 minutes!

M: Any tips or tricks you would like to share with any makers who are interested in making your pattern?

K: One tip included in the pattern is also something you could apply to other patterns!

If you ever use a lightweight yarn to create a pattern/texture (sprinkles in this case), the wrong side of the piece will have the crisscrossed strings/ends showing. If the wrong side of the piece is accessible, you can paint Modge Podge fabric glue over that side to hold the strings in place and prevent little fingers from catching them when the toy is being played with.

M: What can we expect to see from Brandon & Rae in the future?

K: I have a few more baby rattle patterns coming soon that need a little more work on the shape. I also have a few ideas for more interactive toy patterns that will come in the future!

M: I am a big fan of your rainbow rattles, so I am definitely excited to see what else you have in store for us! Where can makers find you?

K: You can follow me on Instagram @brandon_and_rae or join my FB Group, Brandon & Rae VIP!

You can purchase the pattern on my website,, or my Etsy shop,, for $8.

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