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How do I insert my zipper pouch into my Bogg Bag? 

How do I untwist my Bogg Bag handles?

It's super easy! Watch this short video!

How do I clean my Bogg Bag? 

You can clean your bag with a damp cloth or spray it down with a hose! Let your bag air dry. Do not put it in the dryer.

How do I use my Yarn Spinner? 

The Yarn Spinner holder is very easy to insert and remove. To insert, feed the dowel through one of the holes in the side of the bag. Next feed the dowel through your skein of yarn (or two!) and through the adjacent hole on the other side of the bag. Affix the white rubber plug to the end of the dowel on the outside of the bag, and you are ready to go! The Yarn Spinner will be securely attached to the bag, but will be slightly loose to allow slight movement within the holes and back-and-forth. When you aren't using the Yarn Spinner, it fits conveniently inside the plastic pouch for storage. For best results, wind your yarn skein into a cake before using the Yarn Spinner. The workable dowel space is roughly 7 inches, and works best using 1 to 2 cakes of yarn at a time. 

How do I prep my yarn to use with the Yarn Spinner?

For best results, wind your yarn skein into a cake before using the Yarn Spinner. I love this inexpensive yarn winder! (This link is an affiliate link on which I will make a small commission.)

How do I reshape my Bogg bag? 

Sometimes the bags can get slightly smooshed during shipping. Never fear! As you fill and carry your bag it will regain its shape. You can also use a hair dryer on medium heat to VERY carefully heat up the area you'd like to reshape and then mold it back into shape manually. Do NOT touch the hair dry to the bag.

Have another bag question?

Just push the round, white connectors firmly through the holes of your Bogg Bag! The white connectors stay connected to the pouch as they are. To remove from your Bogg Bag, just pull and pop the white connectors out of the Bogg Bag holes.

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